Screen Fatigue

Digital devices are part of our daily lives and the amount of time we spend in front of these screens is constantly on the rise. Screen use requires us to use our near and intermediate vision more and more often, which can be harmful for the eyes. For example, the eye has to move constantly between the screen, keyboard and work surface, which leads to a loss of contrast and a change of vision.


Headaches, tingling eyes and eye fatigue are directly linked to the time spent in front of the screen and affect a number of people. This is because 75% of digital device users suffer from computer Visual Fatigue Syndrome*.

At BBGR we have developed a range of lenses for screens that adapt to your needs. From unifocal to progressive lenses, includes Neva Max Blue UV anti-reflection that effectively helps to reduce blue light from screens and ensure better visual comfort.


*American Optometric Association

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